Guardian Angel

A World Much Like Our Own…

The story of Guardian Angel begins with a prayer walk taken from the former Naval Training Center in Orlando, Florida, late one night in the summer of 1983. That’s right. Forty-plus years ago. Working to a deadline is not one of my strong points!

But I was, and still am, fascinated with the concept of angels. Being active in Fundamentalist churches then and now (Hello, Corrine Drive Baptist Church and Barton Shores Baptist Church, Orlando!), I was a little embarrassed by that…our general thinking is that you should focus on God, not on His messengers. Still, the thought came to mind that, if you really wanted to get to know the owner of a factory, then speaking with workers who’ve been on his factory floor for twenty years might not be a bad step to take.

And so that led to the question of what might happen if an actual angel was to be in this world, interacting and relating with humans. And this idea was kick-started when I ran across C. S. Lewis’s Preface to The Screwtape Letters, in which he laments:

I had, moreover, a sort of grudge against my book for not being a different book which no one could write. Ideally, Screwtape’s advice to Wormwood should have been balanced by archangelical advice to the patient’s guardian angel. Without this the picture of human life is lopsided. But who could supply the deficiency? Even if a man—and he would have to be a far better man than I—could scale the spiritual heights required, what “answerable style” could he use? For the style would really be part of the content. Mere advice would be no good; every sentence would have to smell of Heaven….

I took this as a challenge. And the story snowballed from there.


Supernatural Suspense

Railroad police officer Mike Wilson’s beat is ten feet by ten thousand miles. When he foils a major drug deal, he ticks off the wrong kingpins. And he discovers just how far outside his jurisdiction he’s strayed—into a nest of demons now targeting him for revenge.

When given the chance at her dream job, Dawn ditches her angelic general’s stars to become a Guardian. For the past thirty years, she’s watched over Mike as his faith has grown strong despite lasting scars on his soul. She’s poured her heart into writing him encouraging notes he may never see, and dreamed of the impossible—meeting him face to face. But when Mike’s life is threatened, Dawn’s warrior instincts drive her to crash the forbidden barrier between realms to save his life.

To say the least, her split-second decision stirs up a hornet’s nest of infernal proportions, driving a wedge of doubt between their hearts. And touching off an epic battle between Heaven and Hell—with Mike’s very soul as the prize!

Note: Guardian Angel is a Christian/supernatural suspense novel with a speculative twist which tells the story of what happens when one impulsive act of heroism sets two opposing realms on a collision course. Told in first person from the (sometimes unreliable) point of view of Dawn’s angel BFF, at its heart it’s a very special kind of love story. Names have been changed to protect the innocent—and the not-so-innocent!

Scheduled Release Dates:

Hardcover (Deluxe)

The hardcover Deluxe edition, featuring an exclusive bonus extra giving additional insight on the universe and characters of Guardian Angel, will be released 2024-03-29. Cover price $32.95.


The e-Book will be released in Kindle, Nook, and ePub formats through a wide variety of retailers. List price $7.95 at release date 2024-05-15; pre-orders beginning in February $5.95!

Trade Paper

Guardian Angel will be released in softcover trade paperback (5×8 trim) as of 2024-05-15 with wide availability at a listed cover price of $18.95.

All editions will be released with wide availability through leading industry distributors. Available through your favorite online retailer, or ask at your local bookstore.


In all of this universe and beyond there is no one who can ever know you better and no one who will ever love you more than does Dawn…save only God himself. You might say that her love for you specifically is, in microcosm, the love which our God has for all of fallen humanity.”