Draft Cover of Guardian Angel the Novel

Coming in 2024!

By Eric H. Bowen

Guardian Angel

Christian Fiction/Supernatural Suspense

When Mike’s guardian angel, Dawn, breaks precedent to save his life, her heroic decision shatters a forbidden barrier between realms and stirs up a hornet’s nest of vengeful demons. And touches off an epic battle between Heaven and Hell—with Mike’s eternal soul as the prize!

Speculative Theology Writer

Eric H. Bowen

Eric wasn’t born a Texan—but he got here as quick as he could! A resident of the Houston area since his father Ken took a job as an Apollo program simulation engineer in 1967, Eric is one of the few surviving people to have experienced an actual training run in the Lunar Module simulator. A rail fan since early days, he has traveled by Amtrak extensively and maintains the web site Streamliner Schedules. Still active in the space enthusiast community, Eric has served as the local (Clear Lake Area) chapter president for the National Space Society for more than a decade.

Eric served in the U. S. Navy for six years, three of them aboard the battleship USS Missouri (BB-63) including the last circumnavigation (around-the-world cruise) of a battleship in 1986 and duty in the Persian Gulf for Operation Earnest Will in 1987. He also worked as a merchant sailor for two years, and then transitioned to shore-side engineering in commercial and industrial mechanical plants.

Along the way Eric learned to fly aerobatics, soloing in a Super Decathlon, and volunteered for Project 1225 in Michigan. He has been an active member of conservative Southern Baptist and Independent Fundamental Baptist churches for over 50 years and is currently active in Airway Baptist Church Houston. He lives nearby with (currently) three cats and two dogs…and is still Waiting For The Right Girl.

Eric dressed for dinner aboard the Southwest Chief

Works In Progress

Undercover Angel

The sequel to Guardian Angel. You’ll see a preview of it in that novel. Dawn is back on Earth with Mike…but for how long?

Incarnation Trilogy

An ordinary American high school.
Two extraordinary young people.
He’s a geek. She’s a brain.
They’re lab partners and best friends.
She’s an angel.
He’s about to be very, very surprised.

Powers That Be

A young girl with powerful telepathic and telekinetic gifts. The family of a CIA agent marked for death for the crime of blowing the whistle to Congress. The Deep State is after them both. But while on the run…they run into each other.


My goal is to write about decent people doing decent things…in a not-so-decent world.

– Eric H. Bowen

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Head Scratching…

I Now Have a Deadline…

I appeared on "Xmas Scotty's" Internet radio cast today, answering some of his questions about my back-burner project, the Incarnation Trilogy. (I'm planning to give him a cameo in the story.) While wrapping the interview up, he (jokingly?) said that the story would...

Hello world!

And thanks to Aaron Biles who lit a fire under me to get this web page up in anticipation of his segment coming up about sixteen hours from now! Oh, let me tell you that there is a LOT involved with bringing a new book to market! It's messy, expensive, takes months...

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